Life continues to be my greatest teacher. All my imagery comes from my life - with stories attached. However, my interest is in these images as things that exist in their own right; metaphors for our own, human existence.


All my work is conceptual. Stripped of language, the image allows me to explore the mystery of the ordinary.


I paint existential objects. Their existence is more important than how they work or are used. They are ‘here’ and ‘now’; stare back at us; confront us and beg questions. As adults we devote ourselves to the futile search for security. These anxious objects remind me that nothing is certain – only that I exist, for now.


My work is just paint, a board or a canvas. I seek an anonymous, representational style, with as few personal signatures as possible. The work is not about me. It is not a form of self-expression, confession or personal therapy.


The objects are changed in some way; dislocated from their usual setting; exaggerated or adjusted. We change ourselves every day to fit in with others, becoming – at least for a time - someone or something else. Everyday objects are no different. The mere act of looking effects a change. Change one small thing and everything changes.


© 2016